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Instagram's explosive user growth

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How Instagram dominated the mobile social media market

Instagram. Nowadays it is among one of the most popular apps available online. However, this was not always the case. Instagram started out as an app that was mainly used by photographers to share their images online. However, it has grown to become the biggest social media app in the world. How did Instagram grow so fast?

Instagram's growth can be largely attributed to the fact that Instagram's founders had contacts with influential people. In order to get the ball rolling, the CEO of Twitter tweeted out the link to Instagram's app in the iOS app store and Google Play store. This caused the app to gain a lot of traction and within a day the app was featured as the app of the day in the App Store.

In addition, the fact that the app is very simple makes it great for user adaption. It is very straightforward to use Instagram which makes it very appealing to mobile users. Instagram's growth shows no signs of slowing down. However, there are negatives in this large growth too. For example, there are several sites with an Instagram hack which might become a problem for Instagram in the future.


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Snapchat Hacks - how much of a threat are they

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Snapchat Hacks are not an unknown thing to most people. Almost every day it seems like a new Snapchat Hack occurs. Many people wonder whether their Snapchat account is at risk of getting hacked, other people wonder how to hack a snapchat account.

It should be noted that most of the Snapchat hacks occur not because Snapchat is hacked directly but because third party apps are hacked. These third party apps allow people extra functionality in Snapchat but the downside of these apps is that they pose a security risk to your account. These third party applications do not have the same security that Snapchat offers.

Therefore, you are relatively safe from getting your Snapchat account hacked as long as you stick to the original Snapchat app without using third party applications

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